Being a multitasking person most of my life it’s hard to grasp the fact that age narrows the focus to one task

at a time. Not that I can’t try to download a file while configuring an application and installing another all while

talking on the phone and letting the dog out, the results aren’t what was expected. After several tries I decided

to attack the problem from a ‘one step’ method perspective. The following is the results of my OMW or  old man way:

NOTE: Update 11/13/2015 fix install paths

Make some folders for the software: C:\MCUSource C:\MCU64 C:\MCU32

I’ll use these folders during this exercise.

Download ALL required software from all sources into the C:\MCUSource folder


1.       Java Engines

jre-8u65-windows-i586.exe and/or jre-8u65-windows-x64.exe

2.       Eclipse Installers

eclipse-inst-win64.exe and/or eclipse-inst-win32.exe

3.       ARM tool chain: 



4.       Ilg-ul gnuarm tools:






6.       MCU on Eclipse Components Download

Components expanded:




7. Expert 3.0 and



Scroll down the page and get Kinetis SDK 1.3.0 Mainline - Windows.exe


A script would be welcome but the vendors of the software want you to sign-in or or

signup then agree to their EULA before they will give you access to the packages

Some examples of downloading and installing applications but you should wait to install

until you have downloaded and expanded all the files needed. To Jump to install click me.


The Java Choices – Offline 32-bit and 64-bit

The PEx_Kinetis-v3.0-PLUGIN-ECLIPSE_4.4 download

Below in the Update and Patches section at the VERY end of the list is PE Update 3.0.1

The Freescale KSDK screen:

Pick one or both installers and

Select a mirror site

After the Installers have been downloaded:

Click one to start the install process.

Click Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers

Adjust the installation Drive and folder as wanted when the install is done the application will be in

 D:\eclipse\cpp-mars2\eclipse if the above path is used, I shortened it to D:\mcu64 and D:\mcu32


Click keep installer and save it some place safe, you can update with it later, so they say.

When you click Launch the 32-bit version of Eclipse should start providing you have installed a 32-bit

version of Java like->C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_55\jre\bin


The Eclipse application used: D:/mcu32/eclipse –vm C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_55\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll

to start without any intervention from you.


This is what the Installation tool looks like after Saving the Installer.

NOTE: The 64-bit version of Java is in the PATH of the environment and it appears this installation

tool hunts down what is needed to run Java for you, if it’s installed.


This tool comes from the ARM folks: 


These Tools come from Liviu lonescu


You’ll need two downloads:





This is the new Liviu lonescu  Git location:

GNU ARM Eclipse Windows Build Tools 2.6


The below is what the

C:\MCUSource folder looks like after expanding the *.zip files. 


Now the installs begin:

1.       Java ->  jre-8u65-windows-i586.exe and/or jre-8u65-windows-x64.exe

2.       GCC ARM Tool Chain -> gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q3-20150921-win32.exe

3.       GNU ARM Eclipse Build Tools -> gnuarmeclipse-build-tools-win32-2.6-201507152002-setup.exe or/and


4.       Segger ->

5.       Kinetis SDK 1.3.0  -> Kinetis SDK1.3.0 board support for the FRDM-KW01 and USB-KW01 - Windows.exe

6.       Eclipse IDE -> eclipse-inst-win32.exe or/and eclipse-inst-win64.exe


       Now the Eclipse updates/loads/installs (Whatever you want to call it) begin:

Launch Eclipse and install the following packages with Eclipses Help/Install New Software menu

Replace the path to the downloaded files as in C:/MCUSource in this example

   Check the C++ GDB Hardware Debugging on the above


After you restart Eclipse will update the list of supported processors.



Launch Eclipse and install the following packages with Eclipses Help/Install New Software menu


Freescale CMSIS-SVD Register Files with Eclipse MARS

NOTE: I noticed plugin errors being generated by the module – waiting on a reply from the vendor. 11/12/2015

Launch Bar for Mars  


McuOnEclipse Components

Components Download

Download the components and unzip them then in Eclipse Processor Expert/Import Component(s) browse to the *.PEupd files and install each one

Or use the ‘select both’ method (each package quoted and separated by a space”



Running Eclipse:

Create a short cut for eclipse.exe

Highlight the short cut right click select Properties

In the Target box add  -configuration D:\mcu64\configuration  as in

D:\mcu64\eclipse\eclipse.exe -configuration D:\mcu64\configuration